(Demon’s Souls is the backdrop here, haven’t played it? Do it) For centuries, the kingdom of Boletaria was a beautiful and prosperous place. However, when King Allant set out to master the soul arts- a power acquired from the souls of the deceased, he accidentally awakened the Old One, a demon that has been lost in time from its eternal slumber. The awakening of the Old One has unleashed legions of demons upon the kingdom, and with each person slain the ranks of the demons grows. The kingdom is now enveloped in a thick fog, and those that have attempted to brave the fog and defeat the demons within have never returned. Those that are still alive from the demons onslaught has retreated underground into a sacred place called The Nexus praying that someone will free them from the darkness. However, they know it is unlikely that they will be saved and have accepted their fate, as the demons grow stronger every day and heroes are so few and in between. All of this might change though, as word has it a handful of strangers have gotten passed the fog and arrived in Boletaria. Their motivations for being here are unclear: are they here to save the people or become a servant of the darkness?